Build the product
you want – without the endless struggle

Building your product doesn't need to feel like a battle uphill. Escape the never-ending struggle, and get your product off the ground once and for all.

everything your product needs
move faster than ever

Go from idea to market ready in weeks – not months

Forget the chaos, crazy expensive fees,
and the daily friction of working with dated design agencies and unreliable freelancers.

Become a design-enabled startup.

A Perfect Strategy

Get close support from a team of business & design experts to perfect your gameplan.

Faster Than Anyone

Work on as many tracks as you and your team need, and get from zero to one in just weeks.

Become Unlimited

Gain the power to grow your product smoothly and with no limits.

lead the marketplace

Meet your new unfair advantage

A design-enabled startup means having the edge and the skills to become a leader in a crowded marketplace.

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Frequent questions

Unlimited Tracks

Work on as many design jobs as you'd need week by week to grow your product faster.


Lightning Fast Delivery

Get your design jobs done no matter how complex, in just days, and become unbeatable.


Fixed Budgets

The old model of expensive agencies is out. With us, you pay the same each sprint, with no extra or hidden charges.


Flexible & Scalable

Scale your design demand up or down as you need, and pause or cancel at anytime. No strings attached.

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The Only 10 Slides
Your Pitch Needs

A framework that dozens of founders have used to make their startup's pitch the most powerful story their audiences have been told.

why working with us

We are experts
at work, and your biggest fans

We exist to support people like you – those who believe there’s a better way. We only work with people who care enough to commit to create something that can change things forever. Let’s create some greatness together!

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We’ve master the craft and the science of Product Design

We know our trade. We've helped over 50 teams create amazing products. You can rely you are in good hands.

Our work generates bottomline results

Our work is aimed at making you profitable. We’ve helped founders raise over US$500M in investment (and counting).

We help you stay ahead in your market

We build products in 5-day-cycles, so you can keep up and beat the market by iterating faster than your toughest competitors.


Find out how you can change the way you create
your products, forever.

Why wouldn't I just hire a traditional design agency?
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It’s a great question! For starters, the average design agency or studio work with baseline fees as high as $40,000. That’s because the traditional design agency business model has huge overheads. We believe it shouldn’t be you who pays for the party, that’s why we are changing things for better and changing the rules of the design business by offering our services on a sprint based model, giving you complete flexibility.

Working on a sprint based model, you can pause and resume as often as you need, making sure you make the best out of your investment.

How fast will I receive my designs?
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Working on a sprint based model means that by the end of each week, you'll receive designs covering complete user flows everytime. No more loose ends or random screens that don't push the envelope forward.

Who are the designers?
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Minami is a team of seasoned designers with no less than 7 years of hands-on expertise. Our crew has been solving design problems for startups like yours Mondays to Fridays since we can remember. You can trust you are in the best hands.

What programs do you design in?
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Most of our design work is done and delivered on Figma. Motion assets are made on After Effects, Cinema 4D, and delivered as video or Lottie files. When we develop we use modern tools like Webflow, Framer and other no-code wonders.

What if I don't like the designs?
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Working on weekly sprints allows you to iterate until you're 100% satisfied and ready for the next job. You’ll never be charged for any extras.

When can we start working together?
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We aim at getting everything ready for kick-off within a week since you get in touch with us!

Ready for takeoff?

Let’s find out if we are the right fit. Let’s talk!

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